Fall Berries

While colorful leaves are a main attraction of many plants, some shrubs delight us with decorative berries in many hues.

winterberryWinterberry holly, a deciduous native shrub that thrives in wet spots, produces long stems of brilliant red berries that last throughout the Winter.




beautyberryBeautyberry has unassuming pale green leaves for most of the Summer, but in the Fall, covers itself with lavender purple berries! This shrub thrives in full to part sun, and should be hard-pruned in the Spring to remain compact.




nandinaNandina (sometimes called Heavenly Bamboo) is an evergreen that produces HUGE clusters of  long-lasting red berries that are excellent for holiday dec- orating. Birds and squirrels will snack on them throughout the Winter.




winterthur virbinaThe Winterthur viburnum is a native shrub that produces ble berries along with shiny red leaves; absolutely striking! Plant several for best fruiting.