Fiery Fall Colors

burning bushWhile evergreens offer a dependable foliage color all year, many deciduous shrubs celebrate Fall “in a blaze of Glory”. Burning Bush (euonymus) is one of the most popular, turning a dependable bright red. But other native shrubs rival its color, and are not invasive.




fothergillaFothergilla is a native noted for its early scented flowers, but also its multicolored Fall display. You will often see red, orange, and yellow leaves on the same plant! Sturdy and pest-free, fothergilla makes a fine hedge or an addition to the mixed shrub border.




iteaItea is another native known for fine shiny burgundy Fall color, but it also thrives in moist to wet spaces. Fragrant flowers in June add to its appeal.




witch hazelMany Witch Hazels, while not native, thrive in this area. Blooming in late winter, their fall display ranges from yellows to orange.