Backyard Birding is FUN!

Birding is one of America’s most popular hobbies, as it can be enjoyed by all ages all year ’round.

Feeding native birds all year helps keep a resident population on your property. And since most birds also eat insects, more birds = fewer bugs!

Many birds, like woodpeckers, make insects a major part of their diet, but in the winter, insects are scarce. Putting out suet provides a high calorie source of energy that attracts large numbers of peckers, nuthatches, chickadees, and other bug eaters. Suet comes in many “flavors” with nuts, seeds, and fruits mixed in, and some varieties are now non-melting for summer use.

Feather Friend, Away’s own brand of bird seed, has a special food for every bird you’re likely to have in your yard. From general purpose seeds like black oil sunflower and Favorite, to specialty seeds for cardinals, chickadees, and goldfinches, if you see the bird, we can feed it!

bird feeders