Shady Brook Farm's HorrorFest

We Grow Fear


Hayride of Horror

hayride of horrorShackle up a wagon on the Hayride of Horror and visit the depths of Shady Brook’s wooded acres. Will you be driven through horror, or dragged into terror?



Barn of Horror

barnThe Barn of Horror has long been a gathering place for all manner of fiends…a collection of night terrors trapped under one roof. Walk through the darkness, test the limits of your bravery, and find out what lurks in the night.



carnageThirsty for more…blood,that is? The fields run red at Carnage where the earth is tainted with the destruction and dismemberment of man. Do you dare to enter this maze of horror? *Due to its graphic content, this attraction is not recommended for those under the age of 10.


Alien Encounter

alien encounterStep outside of the realm of reality and into the 3-D Alien Encounter. Take a terrifying adventure that will bring the extraterrestrial into focus with out-of-this-world special effects.