PLANT’s Lead Designer…Ed Graziano

lead designer

All great designs have one thing in common: a great designer. Great design doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of a skilled craftsman listening well, interpreting your desires and goals, and bringing your ideas to life!

As an artist, Ed Graziano has a keen ability to create designs that appeal to the senses. Ed brings together his 30 years of knowledge in horticulture, design, and construction to create styled, tranquil and harmonious spaces. Ed approaches the work with attention to detail, sensitivity to scale, and with his clients in mind. He continually stretches his concepts by utilizing foliage, color and texture of plants appropriate to the eastern Pennsylvania climate.

Ed guides his clients through the design process, ensuring that his designs meet their needs and incorporate the architectural details and exterior colors of the structures. To talk to Ed about your next project call PLANT at 215-321-5678 and schedule your free consultation.