Jeanne Flower…Our Certified Horticulturist


Jeanne Flower is a Certified Horticulturist and has worked at Shady Brook Farm as a nursery buyer for 13 years. Originally from Lebanon, PA, Jeanne now lives with her husband right here in Yardley.

Jeanne’s goal at Shady Brook is to assist people in growing healthy plants by giving them choices for sun/shade, wide/narrow spaces, and dry/wet areas. She also aims to provide proper planting and watering information for long term care. Jeanne loves to see fellow plant lovers, some of whom she’s known for many years, return to the farm each spring season.

The Lenten Rose, or Helleborus, is Jeanne’s fave plant because it’s the first flower to bloom after the long winter and its beautiful blooms last for 8 weeks or more. She also loves the Sweetbay Magnolia tree for its very fragrant white flowers that bloom sporadically through summer and, if pruned, it can look almost tropical. Fothergilla is another of Jeanne’s favorites. This shrub has velvety buds, white bristle-like flowers and turns a reddish color in the fall. Anything that has three-season interest is a winner to Jeanne!

And yes, Flower is Jeanne’s last real name thanks to her husband. Flower is a popular surname in the South, and when her customers hear it, it usually brings a smile!