Shady Ladies

Part to full-shade gardens have the reputation of being “difficult,” but several perennials will actually thrive and bring summer color to darker areas. Here are some varieties of shade plants that we carry. Come in and ask Jeanne to help you map out your garden.

astilbeAstilbe blooms in mid-summer, in shades of red, pink, lavender, and white. Not eaten by deer, the shiny foliage remains attractive all season if given ample water. Clumps slowly increase in size, but the plant is not invasive.




hostaHosta is usually grown for its luxurious foliage, frequently variegated or striped, but some varieties have large clusters of fragrant blossoms. Unfortunately, hosta is #1 on the “Deer Buffet,” so be prepared! However, in non-deer areas, few plants bring such a sense of tropical coolness to a shady corner.



coral bellsHeucheras (coral bells) are the most colorful shade foliage perennial available. New breeding has created leaves in pinks, peaches, lime green, purples, and almost black, and their delicate flowers are sometimes red (hence the coral bells name!). Some are semi-evergreen, and add color to the winter landscape.