Lawn & Garden

Spring Trees:

redbudRedbuds are beautiful native trees, their flowers appearing like delicate lavender lace against the blackish bark. Later, large heart-shaped leaves droop gracefully, and turn butter-yellow in the Fall.  Preferring partial shade and moist well-drained soil, they are an asset to any garden.




weeping cherryThe pink Weeping Cherry is just one member of a large family which includes the beautiful cherries of the Washington Tidal Basin. While they don’t bear fruit, their flowing branches covered in delicate blossoms are one of Spring’s first flowers. We have both  I pink and white varieties, in several sizes.



dogwoodDogwoods are another popular native tree for the home landscape. In nature, they grow at the edges of forests, receiving protection from the harsh noontime sun; try to provide a similar location in your yard for the healthiest trees. We carry native varieties in both pink and white, and also the more tolerant Chinese Kousa Dogwood for later flowering and beautiful exfoliating bark.


Spring Shrubs:

Spring begins the season of color, first with the azaleas and rhododendrons, and then later with mountain laurels (the PA state flower) and lilacs in May.

azaleasEvergreen azaleas are a favorite for foundation plantings, remaining green (or reddish) during the winter, and then bursting into color in April. While they prefer morning sun and afternoon shade, they are adaptable to all but the harshest conditions. We carry them in sizes from 12” to several feet tall!



lilacsLilacs come in standard and dwarf varieties, but all have a sweet fragrance that has been a favorite for centuries. And we carry the new Bloomerang variety which will bloom throughout the season.




mountain laurelMountain laurels are native to the shaded forests of Pennsylvania, and prefers the same conditions in the home landscape. Their leathery foliage remains attractive all winter, and they come in many sizes. While not fragrant, their flowers are very distinctive, with the buds being a brighter shade than the open flowers.