Summer Flowering Shrubs

We have a wide selection of summer flowering shrubs–here are some of our favorites:

  • Spireas are a versatile workhorse in the sunny garden. Blooming in shades of pink and white, their leaves vary from green to gold, and frequently turn red in the fall. Frequent trimming maintains a dense form and increases bloom.
  • Rose of Sharon is an old-fashioned shrub with renewed popularity. It makes an excellent informal summer hedge, or can accent an evergreen border with its bright summer blossoms.
  • Hibiscus-type blossoms: Blue Satin is a variety with true-blue flowers. Mix pinks and whites for all-summer beauty.
  • Crape Myrtles, former residents of the warmer southern U.S., now have been bred for northern climates. Sometimes called “summer lilacs,” their huge clusters of colorful blossoms clothe a medium-size shrub or small tree. Perfect to accent your patio or lawn, it thrives in full sun.