Every porch needs a hanging basket, and if your porch is sunny, you have many colorful choices.

Calibrachoa (million bells) looks like a tiny petunia, but unlike petunias, never needs dead-heading. Water when dry and fertilize regularly throughout the summer; you’ll be rewarded with “millions” of little bells.

Verbena comes in all colors except yellow and oranges. It loves hot weather, but requires regular watering and fertilizer. It’s a favorite of butterflies and hummingbirds. Combine colors for an original look (maybe red, white, and blue)!

Ivy geraniums thrive in morning sun, but appreciate a bit of afternoon shade. The foliage is glossy and leathery. Remove spent flowers often to encourage blooming, and cut back as needed.

Lantana has corrugated, fragrant foliage not eaten by deer. Extremely heat-loving, it should be watered only when dry. Each flower head is composed of many smaller florets; often there will be several colors on each cluster. Like verbena, hummers love them!