Strawberries…the Crop that Kicks Off Summer

Strawberries are famous for being the first fruit of the season to ripen, and their arrival is eagerly anticipated. Strawberry picking is a fun family activity, and certainly the way to get the freshest fruit possible. When picking strawberries there are a few things to remember: Strawberries are very tender and bruise easily, so handle with […]

Humming Jewels

The ruby-throated hummingbird is the only species found east of the Mississippi, and they are easily attracted to your garden. While feeders supply a constant source of nectar, one lone feeder isn’t easily found by hummers. The wise gardener uses a combination of plants and feeders. Hummingbirds prefer to drink from small to medium tubular […]

Get Your Landscape Ready for Spring

It’s spring…and time to plant primrose, pansies and other early spring annuals and perennials like hellebores and dianthus. Blooming perennials and annuals add early color to your garden and brighten up not only a dreary landscape but also your mood! The nursery at Shady Brook Farm is starting to fill up with all sorts of […]