Homegrown Apples

Did you know that here, at Shady Brook Farm, we grow acres of apples? Farmer Paul planted an orchard years ago and it’s time for the harvest! Here’s a list of what varieties we grow and approximately when they’re in season:

Variety Flavor Profile Best For Ready for Harvest
Gala Sweet. Fine Textured. Aromatic Eating Fresh Aug. 25 – Sept. 10
Honeycrisp Crisp. Delicious Balance b/t Sweet & Tart Eating Fresh Sept. 1 – 20
Cortland Sweet Tender Snow White Flesh Cooking/Baking Sept. 8 – Sept. 20
Crimson Crisp Sweet. Sharp. Rich Flavor Eating Fresh/Baking Sept. 8 – 31
Daybreak Fuji Crisp. Sweet. Very Firm Eating Fresh/Baking/Cooking Sept. 8 – 31
Jonagold Good Flavor. Sweet/Sharp Balance Eating Fresh/Baking/Cooking Sept. 8 – 20
Red Jonaprince Deep Red. Sweet Eating Fresh Sept. 10 – Oct. 10
Golden Delicious Honeyed. Sweet. Aromatic Eating Fresh/Baking Sept. 10 – 25
Shizuka Sweet. Mild Flavor Everything Sept.25 – Oct. 15
Cameo Sweet & Tart w/Honey & Citrus Flavor Eating Fresh Oct. 1 – Oct. 20
Snapp Stayman Tart. Super Crisp Baking/Cider/Applesauce Oct. 10 – Oct. 31
Enterprise Firm. Crisp. Spicy. Tart Eating Fresh/Cooking Oct. 18 – Nov. 5
Aztec Fuji Spicy Sweet. Crisp Eating Fresh Oct. 25 – Nov. 15