The ruby-throated hummingbird is the only species found east of the Mississippi, and they are easily attracted to your garden. While feeders supply a constant source of nectar, one lone feeder isn’t easily found by hummers. The wise gardener uses a combination of plants and feeders.

red petunia

hummingbird feeder

Hummingbirds prefer to drink from small to medium tubular flowers. Cardinal lobelia, a perennial with red salvia-like flowers is a real hummingbird magnet…they can’t resist the tall scarlet spikes. Black & blue salvia is another favorite. It’s usually treated as an annual in this area, but sometimes overwinters. This tall plant prefers a sunny location.

Petunias grow well in hanging baskets where hummers will easily find them. While red always works, the birds also like pink and purple flowers. You can also hang cardinal climber. Create a hummingbird garden with salivas, lobelias, petunias, and a feeder hanging above it all. Then, sit back and enjoy the hum!