Anita Thompson

Food & Beverage Manager

Anita was born it Tacoma WA, and now lives in Ewing, NJ with her mother, Emily.

Anita first came to work at Shady Brook in 1974 where she worked in the packhouse, packing farm-grown spinach, tomatoes, turnip roots, parsley & parsnips. Anita’s children and grandchildren worked here through high school, and her mother worked here after retirement. After raising her kids, Anita returned to Shady Brook in 2005, so her involvement with SBF spans about 47 years. Anita also met her ex-husband here.

Anita has helped SBF grow by being able to adapt to any change deemed necessary for the better of the business and being a dedicated team player.

Currently Anita is working on seasonal events events, as well as anything new and exciting that would benefit the business.

In the future Anita looks forward to seeing what the future may hold for Shady Brook and retirement in maybe 10 years to spend lots of time with my grandchildren and great-grands.

Anita’s favorite seasons here at SBF are Fall & Christmas. 

Her favorite things to make & serve in the kitchen are homemade soups and macaroni & cheese.

Anita really enjoys serving our guests and working with the staff . She especially loves watching them grow whether they stay here at SBF or move on.

In Anita’s free time Anita likes visiting Disney World and baking her world-famous pineapple upside down cake.