You scream, i scream, We all scream for....

Uncle Dave's Homemade Ice Cream

Are you ready a farm-based deelicious experience? Visit our window (in season) where we proudly offer hand-dipped ice cream in cups, cones, floats, and shakes.

Uncle Dave's is about flavor and diversity NOT about cheap and routine. Our friendly service and world class products are our top priority!

Ice Cream Available

in the farm market

Inside Shady Brook Farm market you can purchase Uncle Dave’s Super Premium Prepackaged Ice Cream Pints and Quarts in an ever-rotating assortment of seasonal flavors (if it’s not already packaged, ask someone at our ice cream counter to hand scoop it for you!). You can also find a variety of Uncle Dave’s Super Premium Ice Cream Bars that are hand dipped in Dark Belgian Chocolate. Uncle Dave’s Ice Cream counter inside our farm market serve’s up deelicious cups, cones, shakes and floats. Often you can catch Uncle Dave and his ice cream team batching up deelicious treats right behind the counter. Here is a taste of Uncle Dave’s philosophy about our ice cream quality and service standards we strive to provide for our guests at Shady Brook Farm.

lavender ice cream



Uncle Dave’s Ice Cream opened in 2007 on Shady Brook Farm. (We’re in Bucks County just down the street from Sesame Place.) Uncle Dave’s Ice Cream has become a central part of the neighborhood. Uncle Dave noted. “We do as much as possible to make our guests feel at home.”

People eat, drink and converse here. Service is attentive and helpful. No visit to Shady Brook Farm is complete without an Uncle Dave’s Ice Cream treat. It’s the kind of place you would be hard pressed to find anywhere. Uncle Dave continued. “It’s amazing how Uncle Dave’s Ice Cream has woven itself into the fabric of so many quality family experiences. My favorite guests tend to be in family units, just hanging out and taking it all in on the farm one delicious Uncle Dave’s Ice Cream spoonful at a time.”

In Uncle Dave’s opinion the best Ice Cream makers in the world offer a “simple kind of ice cream”. Uncle Dave would like to explain; “We craft ice cream in primary colors. The flavor is clear and simple. Our carefully innovative recipes allow our ice cream to taste like what it is….and what it should be. Our bold ice cream flavors are elevated classics and that is what we do at Uncle Dave’s Ice Cream” Uncle Dave’s Blueberry Ice Cream, Lavender Ice Cream, Pumpkin Ice Cream, Watermelon & Basil Ice Cream, Strawberry Ice Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream are bold yet familiar flavor experiences that keep our guests returning year after year.